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Voting is now open

Voting's open now

Click the link below to find your nearest voting place and who you can vote for in your electorate.

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Ua e resitala?你已经登记好了吗?您已經登記好了嗎?Kuo ke ‘osi lēsisita?Kua rēhita koe?등록은 하셨나요?

Not yet/I’m not sure…

You need to enrol before election day.

Yes I am!

It’s still worth checking, especially if you’ve moved house since you last enrolled.

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Visit an advance voting place and enrol and vote at the same time.

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Fill in and return an enrolment form by Friday.

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It's not too late

为时未晚為時未晚아직도 너무 늦지 않았습니다.E le o tuai tele'Oku kei taimi pe.


You can still enrol

You can enrol and vote together at any advance voting place. You can't enrol on election day.


Make voting easy

If you've got an EasyVote card, take it with you, if not, that's OK, you just need to give your name and address. You don't need to take ID. Find out more.


Voting has started!

You can vote from 11 to 23 September. The videos below will show you what to expect when you go to vote. Find out more.


Meatotino e fa'aaogainaNgā utauta도구工具工具

Below are three tools to help you decide who to vote for.

On the Fence uses a fun, friendly format to match users with the parties that most closely match their values.

Vote Compass is designed for all voters, to help them see how their views align with those of the political parties running for election.

Information about all the policies, all in one place.


I mohio koe?I mohio koe?I mohio koe?

Enrolling or voting for the first time can be daunting. These short videos explain how to enrol and what to expect when voting.

  • How to enrol to vote

    Everything you need to know about enrolling to vote in New Zealand.

    Enrol now

  • How to Vote

    If you're a first-time voter, here's what to expect when you go to vote! It's easy, and only takes a few minutes.

  • So you think you're ready to vote?

    To vote in this year's General Election, you have to be enrolled.

  • Can you vote before election day?

    Voting starts two weeks before election day.

  • How long does it take to vote?

    Find out how long it really takes.

  • Do I need ID to vote?

    Find out what other Kiwis think.

  • Your vote, your voice.

    Everyone has a reason to vote - what's yours?

  • How are votes counted?

    Millions of New Zealanders will vote in this year's General Election - but how are all those votes counted?

Prefer another language?

E te filifilia seisi gagana?选择其它语言?選擇其它語言?‘Oku ke fiema’u ke ‘oatu eni ‘i ha lea fakafonua kehe?He reo kē tō hiahia?다른 언어가 편하십니까?

We’ve got information sheets available in different languages, so download one in your chosen language below.

  • Timeline
  • 23rd August
  • 30th August
  • 30th August
  • 6th September
  • 11th September - 23rd September
  • 22nd September
  • 23rd September
  • 7th October
  • Timeline.

    Fa’asologa o mea tutupu时间表Ko hono fakahokohoko e ngaahi me’a ke faiWātaka時間表타임라인

    Check out some key dates to make voting easy in this year’s general election.

  • EasyVote enrolment deadline

    23rd August

  • All candidates announced

    30th August

  • Voting places announced

    30th August

  • Overseas voting opens

    6th September

  • Voting starts

    11th September – 23rd September

  • Last day to enrol for 2017 General Election

    22nd September

  • Election day

    23rd September - Voting places open 9am-7pm

  • Official results announced

    7th October

There’s still time to enrol and have your say.

Fill in and return a form by Friday or enrol and vote at your nearest advance voting place.

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